Симс 4 не удается сохранить игру код ошибки 0

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  • Some PC users have reported encountering the Sims 4 error code 0, which has caused them real frustration.
  • Certain features in your antivirus can lead to this type of error, so it’s recommended that you check your security solution.
  • Using a dedicated tool to scan your registry and quickly remove any corrupted entries can help in this matter.

sims4 sims 4 error code 0

Playing The Sims 4 requires much work, time, and dedication. This real-life simulation challenges players to involve their characters in various activities and build long-lasting relationships with other Sims.

After investing so much energy and time into the game, the last thing that players want is to encounter save issues. Not being able to save your progress after playing The Sims 4 for hours is a true nightmare.

One of the most common saving errors is the Sims 4 error code 0. This is what a player had to say about it:

Everytime when I play I click “Save” it saves I go off. But when I want to play again my saved family or saved progress isn’t there. Everything I made is gone and it happened around 10 times, sometimes it saves and I can continue on the families for like 2 or 3 times but then after 2 or 3 times they’re gone once again. […] Nothing seem to work for me.

Why am I getting Sims 4 error code 0?

The Sims 4 game failed to save error code 0 prohibits users on PC from saving their game progress. In most cases, it is brought on by an invalid auto save.

Sims 4 is a great game, but many users reported that they could not save their progress. This can be a big issue, and speaking of saving issues, here are some problems that users reported:

  • Sims 4 the game is currently in a state where saving isn’t possible – This isn’t usually a big problem, and if you encounter this message, try waiting for a few minutes and save again.
  • The Sims 4 cannot save / unable to save / doesn’t save /save failed – There are various saving issues that you can experience on your PC, but you should be able to solve most of them using one of our solutions.
  • Sims 4 can’t save while the sim is aging up – Sometimes, you might get this message while trying to keep your game. This isn’t an issue, and in fact, it’s actually a game mechanic, so you have to wait a couple of minutes before trying to save again.
  • The Sims 4 won’t save error code 0 – Error 0 is one of the most common saving errors in The Sims 4. If you encounter it, remove mods and CC and check if that solves the problem.
  • Sims 4 error code 0 failed to save – Delete the cache and make a new save before continuing.
  • Sims 4 game failed to save error code 532 – Error Code 532 will be shown if a piece of broken custom content is selected on a particular day and you or the game attempts to save your progress during that time.
  • The Sims 4 save errors 510, 533, and 536 – These are some other errors that might occur while trying to keep the game. However, you should be able to fix them with one of our solutions.
  • Sims 4 error code 513 – Verify that everything is at its most recent version if you are experiencing trouble storing your progress in the game.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of solutions for the Sims 4 that won’t save errors. Follow along!

How do I fix the Sims 4 game failed to save error code 0?

1. Check your antivirus

In some rare cases, your antivirus software might be causing this issue. Many antivirus tools have a Folder protection feature that will protect system folders. Sometimes this feature will cause problems with The Sims 4 and make you unable to save your game.

However, you can fix this problem simply by disabling the Folder protection feature in your antivirus. If that doesn’t help, you might have to disable your antivirus before starting the game. In the worst-case scenario, you might even have to remove your antivirus.

If removing the antivirus solves the problem, you should consider switching to a different antivirus solution. ESET Internet Security is an outstanding antivirus software; it won’t interfere with your PC during gaming sessions.

It provides perfect antivirus protection by offering a highly developed suite of security features. It is able to prevent ransomware or any type of malware from entering your system. Another thing worth mentioning is that ESET isn’t prone to detecting false positives.

ESET Internet Security

Safe antivirus that helps you protect your devices from any online threat.

2. Move your mods folder

Many users use various mods or CC to enhance their game. However, that can sometimes cause issues with saving, and if The Sims 4 won’t save, you might want to consider removing certain mods or CC.

To find out which mod or CC is causing the problem, it’s recommended to move them from their directory to Desktop or any other folder on your PC. Move all your mods to the Desktop and check if the problem is still there. If not, move the mods one by one or in batches to their original location.

Remember that you’ll have to restart your game every time you move a mod or CC. OnceHowever, once find the problematic mod, remove it, and the issue will be permanently resolved.

If you are not currently using CC and want to learn how to install mods in Sims 4, check out our dedicated article.

3. Check the autosave file

Sometimes your autosave file can cause this and other similar errors to occur. If you have this problem, you need to check your autosave file by doing the following:

  1. Go to your save folder in the Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 4 folder and move the slot_00000001.save file to your desktop. That is the autosave file.electronic-arts sims 4 error code 0
  2. Launch the game, go to the load button on the main screen, and try loading one of your game files.
  3. If the load button isn’t there, start a new game.
  4. Play the game for a few minutes, save it, and exit the game.
  5. Go back into the game, go to the load button, and see if your save games are available.

If the load button isn’t there, you can start a new game but can’t build anything, or ‘The game failed to save. Error Code: 0′ error message occurs when attempting to save the game; follow these instructions:

  1. Close the game, go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/cache, and delete all the cache files.sims-folder sims 4 error code 0
  2. Move your saves folder to your desktop, and start a new game to create a new save folder.
  3. Next, move each save game from the folder on your desktop into the new one. Move one folder at a time and test to see if any of them still works. The slot_00000001.save file is usually the culprit.
  4. The Sims 4 keeps the latest saves you make. Remove the .ver0 from the end of the save game file that has the same slot number as the one that you just moved. It should now end only in .save. 

Then start the game and see if it loads and saves your progress. Keep trying that with each of the slot numbers of the save games.

4. Repair the game

If The Sims 4 won’t save your progress, the issue might be your installation. According to users, sometimes the installation can get corrupted, leading to many other errors. To fix the problem, you need to repair your game.

This is quite simple, and you need to start Origin, locate The Sims 4 and choose the Repair game option from the menu.

A few users reported that they had to reinstall the Origin client and then repair the game to fix the problem, so in a worst-case scenario, you might have to try that as well.

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5. Clean your registry

Another cause for this problem can be your registry. If there are any bad entries in your registry, they might sometimes interfere with your system and cause this and other errors. Therefore, you need to find and remove these registry entries to fix the problem.

This can be hard to do manually, so you might want to use dedicated tools. For example, you can benefit from efficient registry cleaners tools that optimize your PC.

6. Delete the Origin/The Sims 4 cache files

Over time, these files accumulate out-of-date or corrupted data and can cause various issues. Here’s where you can find the Origin cache files:

  • Origin folder in C:Users<username>AppDataLocal
  • Origin folder in C:Users <username> AppDataRoaming
  • Go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/cache > delete all the cache files.

If you can’t see any files at these locations, Then, click them. Click Next, go to the search menu, type folder, and then select Show hidden files and folders from the search results.

You can also access Local and Roaming directories by doing the following:

  1. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. To access the Roaming directory, enter %appdata% and press Enter or click OK.
    The Sims 4 cannot save
  3. To access the Local directory, enter %localappdata% and click OKThe Sims 4 save error 510.

7. Disable recently installed programs

Third-party applications can interfere with your game and cause many issues to occur. For example, if The Sims 4 won’t save, the problem might be a third-party application. To fix the issue, it’s advised to find and remove the problematic application using the uninstaller software.

These applications are specially designed for removing software, and if you need entirely erase unused programs from your system, you should choose the best uninstaller software on the market.

Once you remove the problematic application with this tool, the issue should be resolved.

8. Move the options file

According to users, if The Sims 4 won’t save, the problem might be your options.ini file. To fix the problem, it’s advised to find this file and move it to the Desktop. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Documents directory and locate The Sims 4 folder.sims-folder sims 4 error code 0
  2. In there you should see the options.ini file available.
  3. Move the options.ini file to your Desktop and try to start the game again.

If everything works fine after starting the game, it means that the options.ini file was the problem.

9. Enable Online Access and use Save As feature

If The Sims 4 won’t save, you might be able to fix the problem using this quick and simple workaround. According to users, they just enabled Online Access in the Other options of the menu.

In addition to enabling this option, be sure to use the Save as option to save your game. Several users reported that this method worked for them, so we encourage you to try it out.

Why won’t my save game work on Sims 4?

There is a corruption in the file that prevents Sims 4 games from saving. This corruption might be caused by a developer’s system flaw or a file on your computer.

To resolve this issue and enjoy gaming again, it is essential to implement the measures that have been outlined above.

We hope these workarounds helped you fix save issues in The Sims 4. If you’ve found any other solutions for the Sims 4 error code 0, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.

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@0931529062, здравствуйте.

Давайте проверим такой вариант.

1) Переименуйте папку The Sims 4, расположенную в C:\Users\user_name\Documents\Electronic Arts (на Mac путь: …Finder > Документы > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4), например в The Sims 4_old.

2) Почистите кэш origin (инструкция)

3) Запустите игру и выйдите из нее из главного меню. Это нужно для формирования новой (чистой) папки The Sims 4 в документах.

После того, как это проделаете, вам нужно будет перенести сохранения из старой папки (ту, что переименовали в 1 пункте) в новую (созданную в 3 пункте).

В первую очередь перенесите папку saves и проверьте, как сохраняется игра (долго играть не нужно, 1 минуты и меньше достаточно). И лучше через «Сохранить как…». Если прошло удачно, то можно вернуть другие папки (я напишу, какие, а вы уже сами смотрите, нужны они вам или нет). А если ошибка осталась, напишите, подумаем над другими вариантами.

Папки для переноса:

Tray — сохраненные и скачанные из галереи лоты и симы

Mods — пользовательские материалы и моды (они могут быть одной из причин возникновения проблем с сохранением)

Custom Music — сюда можно кидать свою музыку, которую симы смогут слушать. Может отсутствовать.

Снимки экрана — скриншоты, сделанные в игре кнопкой C. Можно хранить в любом месте.

Записанные видеоролики — видео, сделанное в игре кнопкой V. Можно хранить в любом месте.

Еще есть папка VideoCameraStates, но я пока не знаю, что туда должно попадать. Поэтому переносите, если в ней что-то есть.


 Я не работаю в EA.

Почему Симс 4 не сохраняется

У многих игроков встречается такая ошибка при попытке сохранить игру — не удалось сохранить игру, код ошибки 0 или код ошибки 533. А при следующем запуске игра не видит сохранений. Пропавшие сохранки можно вернуть.

Ошибка может появиться даже на лицензионной игре. Причин может быть несколько. Среди них битые файлы, незапущенный Origin. Прежде всего если у вас лицензионная игра, купленная в Origin, то проверьте запущена ли программа. При необходимости запустите. Если не помогло, то стоит попробовать восстановить файлы сохранений.

Как восстановить сохранение в Симс 4

Рассмотрим несколько способов восстановления работоспособности сохранений. Возможно один из них поможет вам при ошибке в игре.

  • Скопируйте папку Saves на рабочий стол (она находится в папке c:\Users\admin\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\ ) и удалите всё в папке c:\Users\имя пользователя\Documents\Electronic Arts\. Далее запустите игру, закройте её. Перейдите снова в папку и верните на место Saves.
  • Попробуйте отключить антивирус и запустить снова игру. Возможно это и есть причина поломки.
  • Если используете клиент Origin, то зайдите в настройки и снимите все галочки в разделе обновлений Origin. Обязательно следите за тем, чтобы он был запущен.
  • В главном меню игры нажмите кнопку — загрузить. Выберите своё сохранение и нажмите на иконку диска в нижнем правом углу диалога. Откроется окно восстановления сохранений, где можно выбрать предыдущий сейв по дате.
  • Зайдите в игру и попробуйте войти в режим управления городами, там вам предложат сохраниться. После этого снова зайдите в семью и пробуйте сохранить игру.

Many players are reporting that they are encountering the Sims 4 Error Code 0 causing a failure to save the game. This can be frustrating especially since you might end up spending hours on Sims 4, only to not be able to save it. Is it due to some mods that you might be using or is it due to a bug? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Fix Sims 4 Error Code 0 – Game Failed to Save?

game failed to save error 0 sims 4

This problem could come up when there’s an issue with the autosave file and it gets corrupted, usually after the game freezes or crashes.

Delete Cache & Create a New Save

  • Close the game and head to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/cache.
  • Delete the cache files only.
  • Cut and move your saves folder to your Desktop.
  • Now, start the game. This will help you create a new save folder.
  • Close Sims 4.
  • Next, copy the save game from the folder on your Desktop to the new folder that was created and make sure to do it one by one.

Choose ‘Save As’

Select Save as and rename the file. Also, remember to choose Save As while playing so that you have multiple save files to use in case something goes wrong.
If you have been playing Sims 4 for lots of months/years and can’t risk losing progress, make sure to back up your saves folder in an external drive, just to be safe.

Restore Saved Backup File

Remember that the game will make save game backups (up to 5) and you can recover them as well. The oldest backup file gets overwritten when you keep saving the game.

If you’d like to restore a save from the game itself, click on the Load button on the main screen and select the older save which is not corrupted. Next, click on Recover Save and it should work smoothly. Make sure to check the date and time of the chosen save – although you might lose some progress, it is better than losing a bit chunk of progression.

For a manual backup:

  • Go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/saves
  • Find the file named: Slot_(Number).save.
  • You can move it elsewhere or delete it if you’re sure.
  • Then, rename one of the Slot_(Number).save.ver(Number) files with the Slot_(Number).save name that you just removed.
  • By doing this, you are telling the game, that this backup file should be your main save file and that’s what you will get when you load up the game. Again, make sure to check the date and time of the chosen save.

IMPORTANT: If you feel like you might do something wrong, don’t worry. Just keep copies of the files you are changing up and revert the process if something goes wrong (paste the original files in the original locations).

Remove Mods

Sometimes, the mods you have applied to Sims 4 can cause issues with the base game. Remove them and load up Sims to see if you are able to save properly.

Other Recommendations

Some more suggestions from the community include turning vertical sync on, lowering the graphics, restarting Origin, updating the game, restarting your computer, and repairing Sims 4.

Here’s how to repair game files on Origin:

  • Launch the Origin client.
  • Click on My Game Library.
  • Find The Sims 4.
  • Right-click on it.
  • Click on Repair.
  • Then the process of file verification will begin.
  • After it’s done, relaunch the game.

If none of this works out, contact EA support for assistance or make a post on answers.ea.com for additional help.

Failure to save game: Error code 0 is a frustrating problem that prevents Sims 4 players from saving their game progress on PC and Xbox One consoles. It’s usually caused by a corrupt auto save.

Game save slot_00000001.save is probably the auto-save that triggered error code 0 since it often tends to become corrupted when The Sims 4 crashes.

To fix error code 0 in Sims 4, disable “Join A Career” from Neighborhood Stories, and don’t set a cake for wedding events. You can also move the Saves folder to your desktop, and delete the first save file if you’ve got multiple saves.

Quick Fix: Ask a new Sim to move in

When encountering error code 0 in The Sims 4, one quick fix is to ask a new Sim to move in. Invite a Sim from the game’s population to become a member of your household.

This action can help refresh the game’s data and potentially fix any underlying errors causing error code 0.

Fix 1: Disable Join A Career from Neighborhood Stories

  1. Go to Manage Households
  2. Click on Configure Neighborhood Stories
  3. Disable Join a Career
  4. Do this for both the Other Households and My Households

Fix 2: Don’t select wedding cakes

If you own My Wedding Stories, don’t set a cake for your wedding event. If you already planned a wedding event with wedding cakes, the best approach is to cancel and re-schedule it.

Fix 3: Move the saves folder to your desktop

  1. Close the game and go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Cache
  2. Delete all the cache files stored in the Cache folder
  3. Put your saves folder on the desktop and start a new game
    • This will force Sims 4 to create a new saves folder and the game should be working now.
  4. Now it’s time to restore the existing save games — start by closing the game you just launched
  5. Put the old save game files back into the new saves folder one by one and check after each file to make sure the game still works.
    • 🔴 Don’t put the slot_00000001.save autosave back — this is probably the culprit.

Hopefully, the last few saves work as they should and you’ll be able to restore some of the recent game progress you made.

To prevent such issues, save your game on a regular basis using the Save As option.

Fix 4: Update your game

If you are running an older Sims 4 version, you need to update the game via Origin. To check what Sims 4 version you’re running, look at the bottom left of the main menu.

That’s your current game version.

Speaking of updates, make sure to update your operating system and graphics drivers as well.

Fix 5: Delete the first save file if you’ve got multiple saves

Another workaround suggested by some users that had two or more save files from the same family is to delete the first file and save again on the second one.

They confirmed this method worked for them and they did not even need to close the game or edit the game folder.

Fix 6: Use Save As

Other gamers managed to fix this problem by using the Save As option and renaming the file. It seems that simply renaming the file was all they had to do to fix this glitch.

Give this suggestion a try, it could work for you as well.

Fix 7: Unplug your console

Unplug each and every wire attached to your console. This will clear the cache of the console. Unplug the power cord from both the console port and the wall socket.

Wait for two minutes and then plug everything back in. Go back to the game and check if you can save your progress.


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